Rules and Code of Conduct

Inside the premises

  • The use of mobile phone is not allowed inside the bar. leave it in the locker and consult it in this area when you need it.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission. And in case you breach any of the following rules, we will respectfully hustle you straight off the premises.
  • Your participation in our parties and events is voluntary and assumes your full understanding of their nature and what they’re about.
  • This is not a place for the faint of heart, but you will never be pressured to engage in practices you are not comfortable with. Just enjoy!
  • No one can push others to take part in sexual activities. Consensus is key.
  • Disrespectful attitudes towards others are absolutely not tolerated, neither verbal, nor physical, whether directed towards other customers or the staff at the bar.
  • We do not condone offensive comments or negative criticism in regard to the sexual practices or preferences of others (especially stuff that might violate their moral integrity or privacy).
  • The use of mobile phones, photo/video cameras or any other recording devices is not be allowed, unless expressly authorized by the staff, in specific situations and always preserving the privacy of other the customers at all times.
  • Extreme practices such as scat, extreme pain or blood are not allowed inside the premises.
  • For your own safety and that of all attendees, the use of safe and appropriate footwear is mandatory (sneakers, boots... never flip-flops, sandals or barefoot).
  • We have showers and we offer disposable towels (€2).
  • Dark Cruising Bar recommends and promotes the practice of SAFER SEX (providing prophylactic material as made available by the health authorities).
  • Drinks are paid on the spot. We do not open tabs, or give credit for later payment. We offer vouchers for 5 and 10 drinks, which are paid in advance at a significant discount, but are not valid as entrance tickets to the club, although they continue to be valid on return visits. A supplement for each consumption will be applied to imported, specialty or energy drinks.
  • Take care of your drink, we are not responsible in case you lose it, drop it or it gets taken away from you.
  • We have lockers to store your belongings. They work with a €1 coin that the mechanism returns to you when you open the locker back up. The Company is not responsible for the objects stored inside. The locker is for daily use and at the end of the day they will all be opened. The loss of the key carries a penalty of €20.
  • Restrooms are for hygienic use only (any sexual practices are not allowed inside). Please respect the facilities and limit their use to their intended purpose.
  • Solicitation as well as the consumption or sale of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is not allowed outside of the designated area.
  • Dark Cruising Bar is fully committed to maintaining the privacy of its customers.


Outside the premises

  • Please be respectful of our neighbors. Do not engage in any type of sexual provocation, be it verbal or gestural.
  • Do not hang out at the door chatting and/or smoking.
  • Drinks cannot be taken out of the premises under any circumstances.

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